Tom Ferry Success Summit

Building Success for Realtors Globally

The Makings of the Dashboard

Revolutionary for Streaming Statistics

Having the needs of both the user and the marketing department in mind, we designed a dashboard to present streaming statistics on the Tom Ferry Project.

Providing these to marketing made for crucial data to be presented for advertisement targeting in the future. Check all of them out on my Dropbox.

Introducing the Pepper Player

A New Approach to Data Science

How were we able to get such statistics on the dashboard? We created a new player that was named “The Pepper Player” for the Tom Ferry project.

The player is able to grab the statistics that were programmed, and then presented to marketing in the UI wireframes. The pepper player was one of a kind bringing fast, quality video to the end users.

April till August? No problem.

Project of huge magnitude, done in record time

Though we got the project in April and had only till August to design and launch a full platform, we worked tirelessly to get it gone. When I say tirelessly, I mean we lived in the office sometimes working 20-hour days.

We promised perfection. That’s what we delivered. Though only a team of two, we were able to coordinate with marketing to create an agile environment that kept the project running smoothly.

An Overall Success

“Growing like grass with the mass appeal”

The event was broadcasted live without incident. Marketing got extremely positive post feedback from end users, and we were able to successfully complete the event with zero down time. A huge victory!

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