HomeWorks Energy

Making A Cleaner Boston

A Complete Redesign

Making A New Vision Come to Life

While working at Vulcan Creative we were able to secure the Homeworks client. Our job was to completely redesign their current site. Seems easy and straight forward right? Well, there is a bit of a twist to the whole thing.

The marketing director specifically wanted a custom wordpress site that can be managed by anyone on the team. This meant we had to not only redesign, but redesign it in a way that we could be hands off when we pass it off.

Peas and Carrots

Green and Orange? Why not?


My Role

So What Exactly did YOU do?

The Homeworks client was my first time being a project manager on something of this magnitude. It was my job to set deadlines, present those deadlines to the client, as well as meet with the stakeholders of the company.

I was also leading the UX charge based on the client needs and marketing’s wants. Being the main point of contact for the client, while putting together top quality designs did have its challenges, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle

My Job

UX Designer
Project Manager

My Team Mates

Chris Callogerro

Project Duration

Two Months

Illustrating Boston

Making things come to life

In my opinion, one of the more fun parts about the project is when the client specifically asked for an illustration of Boston with the HomeWorks van.

Having people put their inputs of what the city of Boston meant to them inspired us to put an illustration together that really captivated both the Boston and Homeworks feel.

“Dan did a great job keeping our website redesign project moving forward, on time and exactly the way we envisioned. I appreciated Dan's contributions to overall strategy and his unique ability to understand the particular business needs and branding direction, and to turn those insights into a site that looks and functions very well on both the front and back end. He is able to have excellent communication with the client, project and timeline management, and presentation skills to a diverse audience of CEO, IT, sales/service, and finance leadership.”

- Roger Foisy, Marketing Director

The WireFrames

Making things come to life

Using the research we have gathered, as well as the color scheme that fit the HomeWorks brand, we were able to produce top quality wireframes using Adobe Sketch. The powers that be were completely impressed by our ability to deliver them in a timely manner. Furthermore, it was said that there has never been anyone close to producing them in such a professional manner.

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