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The Long and Short of it All

Vulcan is a boutique creative firm. specializing in web/app design and dev, branding, and product design. What does this mean for me?

I was wearing many different hats and a UX/UI designer, as well as an account manager. Vulcan is the top design firm within the Boston area in terms of quality. Every project was done in due dillegence.

My Teammates

The Best in the Business

When a design firm that puts out the quality of work that Vulcan does, it is simply impossible that I could work alone. I was lucky to learn under Chris Calo, the most brilliant software developer and designer I have ever known.

Teaming up with him and bringing aboard the creative mind of Justin Brown, and the salesmanship of Dan Rollnick, we were able to see projects come to life in spectacular fashion.


From Branding to Development

When most people think of a design firm they think of a graphic design firm, or a web design studio. Of course, Vulcan covered those things, but we also did so much more.

We were able to pride ourselves on doing all the following service in house. From design, to development, to marketing, Vulcan does it all.. Hard work is an understatement as these services are provided in house

Branding and Art Direction

Corporate Banding


Graphic Design

Product Development

Print Design

Digital Design and Development

UX/UI Design

Web Applications

iOS / Android Apps

Corporate Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Content Creation and Marketing




Social Media Marketing


My Job

More What I Did.

To say I wore a couple different hats at Vulcan wouldn’t exactly be doing it justice. As a small team we had to take on a few different roles. As we grew a bit bigger, I found myself heading up the UX on most projects.

This included the initial meetings, sitemaps, user research, wireframes, and testing. Since I was usually the initial contact point with the clients, I had duel responsibilities as the account manager.

What I Learned

Small Team Big Projects

Being at Vulcan truly molded me into the designer and worker I am today. I took the knowledge I knew from my internship and was guided by some of the best of the business. The tools, and approach to getting projects done still stay with me today.

Being in a start-up like Vulcan made me appreciate what it takes to launch a project from every avenue. Knowing what it takes from all sides makes me extremely well rounded from many aspects and I am forever thankful.

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