United Nations

A Young Intern With a lot of Responsibility

ReliefWeb Training App

The biggest project I was tasked with in the United Nations was building a training app for ReliefWeb. What ReliefWeb does is provide humanitarian training throughout the world.

This includes a number of classes from technology at home, to agricultural classes in different countries. My job was to lead the charge on an app design that can captivate a user-friendly experience. test test

This meant that I had to use all my UX knowledge to create a new app from scratch. Though this is technically a “training app” I figured we could learn a lot from education apps already on the market. Due to this I figured creating a competitive analysis would be the best course of action to start. Seeing what our competition looks like, is always a beneficial thing to keep us growing and learning.

The results were a big wake up call for the powers that be. Aside from the obvious that we simply don’t have a mobile application, we were able to showcase the flaws in our current website. Every competitor had the upper hand compared to us when it came to UI. It showed the decision makers that content alone isn’t enough.

User Personas

Knowing Our Audience is Essential

After gathering what we needed form competitors, I was assigned to create user personas. Doing so, made us see who our audience was and what was the best approach to reach them. There were a wide variety of people using our program.

Demographics from all over the world try to take advantage of UN training no matter the age, gender, or educational background. This made the user personas more of a challenge.

The WireFrames

Buildling a Project From Scratch

I had the pleasure of using the prototype of Adobe XD for this project. After gathering the essential data from competitor analysis, user personas, and site mapping, it was time to build the wireframes.

After diligent designs I was able to come up with wireframes that got approved by the head of the department! You can see them up close and personal on my Dribbble.


A/B Testing

Letting the People Ultimately Decide

When designing an application, it is important to see how users ultimately interact with it before launch. I had the liberty of being able to run A/B experiments on the application with people from different departments. Being able to set up, run, and test these experiments was a game changer on how I do UX research.


The good, the bad, the learning

The internship with the United Nations was the perfect step into my career. There of course were many mistakes made along the way with me being the sole UX/UI designer. However, I greatly learned from those mistakes, and continued to move forward to make a great project!

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