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First Time Developer

A diferent take from UX

Normally, I work as a UX/UI designer, but I wanted to give myself a new challenge. I happily accepted a position as a front-end developer at Harvard Business School under a contract basis.

My main priority was to develop the Doctoral webpage for the student and faculty to access. I was hands off with the designs, but was happy to take on the project as a developer.

The Tools I Used

“We educate leaders who make a difference in the world.”

What I Learned

Development Vs Design

Though I enjoyed the new challenge of being a developer, I would’ve like to be a bit more hands on with the design process. It was a great change of pace and it helped me expand my world of tech more. Being able to use JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others on a regular basis put me into a different mode of thinking. This helps as a designer knowing what the developers have to do to make a project come to life.

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