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Thanks for stopping by everyone! If you made it through my work, you’ll see that my ability to bring projects to life is the epicenter of what I do. That involves me constantly honing my skills to be the best person for the job that I can be.
My years of experience coupled with my passion for learning makes my career something that I look forward to everyday. I hope to meet you on a personal and professional level!

My Journey to UX

Bachelors in Computer Science
United Nations Internship
UX Design Professional

Something More Personal

I Love to Travel the World

When I was 20 years old, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand. What was supposed to be a month-long trip turned into seven years of me experiencing a whole new life. A lot of people asked me “Well what did you do for money?” While in Bangkok, I worked as a movie, and commercial actor.
With the pay days I received, I was able to pay my way through school. It was a bit of a different take from part time summer job in between semesters! I still love to act, but it is no more of a hobby instead of a living. Traveling will always be a part of my life and over a dozen countries later, I don’t see myself stopping!
  • “At ReliefWeb, Dan Renalds spearheaded numerous projects including drafting user personas, designing wire frames and prototypes for pages of varying complexity, and A/B testing. Dan was always on top of the latest trends in web design, adapting best practices to suit our business needs. His greatest strengths are his creativity and perseverance, making him an invaluable asset to any team.”
    - Birat Lekhak, Marketing Manager

  • “In the earlier days of our company, Dan Renalds proved a very valuable team member. He quickly learned the ropes of user-experience design, making many important contributions with our then-clients. To better improve his skillset he voluntarily learned many software fundamentals (on his own time), ultimately leading to shared project management responsibilities. Prior to his departure he solidly grew into the trusted role of Account Manager, chiefly responsible for client communication, project management, and asset handling.”
    - Chris Calo, Creative Director

  • “Dan did a great job keeping our website redesign project moving forward, on time and exactly the way we envisioned. I appreciated Dan's contributions to overall strategy and his unique ability to understand the particular business needs and branding direction, and to turn those insights into a site that looks and functions very well on both the front and back end. He is able to have excellent communication with the client, project and timeline management, and presentation skills to a diverse audience of CEO, IT, sales/service, and finance leadership.”
    - Roger Foisy, Marketing Director